Tuesday, December 01, 2009



David Martingale said...

These are awesome. I want a t-shirt with one of these gaggles on it.

david kow said...

a lot of funny style here!!! Brilliant!!

lucas accardo said...

Boy Rex! You post them faster than i can save them!

I love it when you draw adult people, since they are the least. That bearded guy is my favorite
and my favorite drawing of the character is the one in which he is like explaining something to a cat looking at "camera" while he is gesticulating leaning over what could be a table.
Yeah i know you draw thousand of this and maybe don't remember it, but its my favorite and that's it!

Im trying not to be repetitive but your stuff is just off the hook f#"@¡ng awesome!!

TheFuzzyPubes said...

Great designs!

Kali Fontecchio said...


Rex said...

Thanks David Gale, David Kow, Lucas, Benj, and Kali!!!!

Lucas, Thanks a lot, you always leave the best comments. I'm not totally sure which drawing you're talking about, but I'm glad you like it!!