Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 Desk Clean-Up Pt. II


lucas accardo said...

The simpler they get the better in my opinion... like the one with the kid and the frog staring at some sort of an alien world quick and so good at the same time.
Which is now my desktop.
Im glad you appreciate the comments, trying to express in a foreign language how much i like your art is the least i can do to re tribute somehow so many free fun drawings...
i can wait for a comic book so that we can read what this guys think and speak!

In the 80's in Italy there was a TV show about, well, TV, i mean like a resume of everything on TV, and it was "hosted" by this cartoon character the "Telecat"

and its not the first time a drawing of yours reminded me of this character of my childhood so i wanted to show it to you.

Here's the animated introduction of the show.

Starts at 13 seconds and there is one photograph in the middle, but all the rest is animation.

Thanks Rex!

Rex said...

Thanks Lucas!

That Telecat video is awesome! He looks cool too!