Friday, April 28, 2006


LA was pretty great. I had really good time and met lots of really cool people. When I got there, I met up with my sister and we went to Hollywood. I'm not sure if I really liked Hollywood so much. They have all these stars names on the sidewalk, but they aren't all really amazing stars. I always thought to get your name on the ground, you really had to accomplish something. And some of them did, but a lot of the names are just from generic stars. I mean, Tony Danza has his name on the walk of fame. So does the olson twins. They even have fictional characters like snow white!! AND they even have Disney LAND as a star!!! That's not even a person!

The 8-Bit show was pretty crazy. There was a big line outside, and inside was crowded and hot like a sauna. I didn't know who any one was and no one knew me, so I didn't meet anyone on opening night. I just checked out the art and left. There's some amazing stuff in the show. I was going to post a bunch of pics of art from the show, but there are a bunch of sites on the net that already have all the art.

Here are some pics at the gallery the next day, when it wasn't so crazy. I met Jon & Katie from the gallery, and saw a really cool dog that throws-up.

Wednesday night, I met Sue & Rob, and they took us to a really nice tiki-ish restaurant. They was a gigantic piece of garlic bread on the table, and I convinced Sue to put her burger in it, and make a 'hamburger-burger'. It must have been delicious.
Ok, see that pic above? This is 4AM Thursday morning, when my sister wanted to get tickets to go on 'The Price Is Right'. I really didn't want anything to do with this, but I had to. So we got tickets and had to sit around all day, going through all kinds of BS, until 2:30PM for the show. It was all 40-somethings and old people, all wearing home-made t-shirts with all kinds of writing on it. So much writing that you ussually can't read it. One lady had a shirt of her photo as a kid on it, with a bunch of writing about how she watched the show since her childhood. From a glance it looked like a missing child shirt.

So we finally get in the show, and it's all super cold in there, and it's a small studio. They start playing this special 'dance version' of the price is right song, with all these beats and bass in it, to get the crowd hyped. And everyone is going crazy. .... yadda yadda yadda.....Bob Barker eventually comes out, everyone goes fucking nuts, It was like a rock concert in there. Throughout the whole show, you couldn't hear anything. Everyone is just screaming their asses off and going nuts. During commercial breaks, people are aloud to ask Bob questions. He is every 40+ person's hero. I survived to the end of the show, and hopefully will never go through that again.

The next day, we went to see the tonight show with Jay Leno. Mainly because it was really easy to get in. We didn't have to sacrifice anything like for TPIR. Luckily, the guest was my hero Randy Jackson (from American Idol), and there was also Jenny McCarthy and musical guest LeeAnne Rhymes. Before the show started, we were told that we had to laugh at Jay's monologue. At the end of the show we all had to go outside for LeAnne Rhymes. We were told that we all had to be into it and clap our hands and groove and what not, because the cameras were going to be everywhere. So LeAnne Rhymes played a song from her latest album 'This Woman'. You suckers watching at home may be interested in knowing that after the show was done taping, LeAnne Rhymes played one more song, Jealous? Wipe those tears off your face!

Saterday night was the 8-Bit book signing. I got to meet all kinds of kick-ass artists....yadda yadda yadda... LA was good!

Thanks to everyone that commented on my nintendo drawings below. Also, I keep forgetting to mention that I updated my webpage.


Amanda said...

Awesome! I'm stealing a pic to put on our blog!

Rex said...

Cool, go for it!

Marc Deckter said...

Ha! That's great you were told you had to laugh at Jay Leno's jokes in his monologue!

Anonymous said...

Rex, your site really is the ultimate, and your work kicks a$$. Wicked use of color, expression, texture and movement. Your pieces for the 8 bit show are great!

Chad Coyle said...
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Chad Coyle said...

Rex I thought your paintings looked good on the internet, but man they were 10 times better in person.

Your 8bit stuff looked great.

Dagon Born said...

Interesting thoughtss