Friday, February 17, 2006

some improvements

So, as promised, here's an updated version of that lion painting were it actually has 4 legs! When i painted it 1st, I was just whipping it off with paint, making it up along the way. I knew it only had 3 legs, but i didn't care. Not my problem if it's only got 3 legs. Then my dad saw it, and he was aghast. He kept asking me to give it an extra leg. So i finally did....the painting is now officially irresistable.

Another improvement is shown here. Look how much nicer this painting looks all snazzed-up in this fancy frame. Kristy and Nick have some of my paintings and they did an excellent job of getting them framed. They actually look like they're worth something now!


Dane said...

I love that lion painting! I can see it as a great animated cartoon, full of genuine spirit and fun. The lion would have a low, respectable voice, and he would constantly chuckle.

Rex said...

thanks dane! but that lion's a chick!

warren said...

Dad-gum it! How can I get my paws on one?

JohnK said...

Hey Rex

your stuff's great!

Where do you work?

Your pal,

John K.

Rex said...

Hey John!!
Thanks a lot!
I work at Chuck Gammage's studio.

Rex said...

Hey Warren, if there's a painting you're interested in, send me an email for price & availability.

Rex said...

Hey Kristy, thanks so much for buying them! You and Nick are super fantastic pals!!