Monday, January 09, 2006

the return of christmas


Anonymous said...

Dude, there's only 356 days left until Christmas 06. Why'd you get started so late this year?

PS: Delightful paintings as usual.

jtruss said...

See there? Santa's just an ordinary guy after all.

Superb work here, Rex.

Ridd Sorensen said...

these are so fun!

the doodlers said...

2006 Christmas cards done already! Very funny.

Rex said...

Thanks Amid, Joel, Ridd, & Doodlers.

I'm trying to promote the idea of Christmas all year long.

Freshyfresh said...

These X-mas drawings are great! I like it! Make more of these!

Thx for your comment!
I found one of your best drawings on Katie´s homepage (links), to bad that I can´t make it bigger for some print T-T.
I hope I can get better in Cartoonart, its not easy at home, because everyone draw Manga/Anime-figures.
How long do you draw in Cartoonstyle? What do you think about Manga/Anime?

Rex said...

thanks arschblog.
you may want to get the looney tunes golden collection volume 3 set. there's lots of bob clampette on there. that might help you out.
i've been drawing cartoony forever. i'm kind of out of the loop of whats cool in anime. i know most anime sucks justlike most cartoons suck. I used to buy astroboy comics, i like the old school anime stuff like osama tezuka and doraemon and all those robot designs. some stuff i want to check out is the movie mindgame and some gainax anime, but the oppurtunity hasn't happened.

if anyone is particularly anime savvy, i'd be curious what you'd recommend.

Rex said...

by the way, these were paintings i made for Jon M. Gibson's x-mas card.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog! I love anythig to do with the holidays, like personalized holiday cards. There is always something to talk about! Andy @